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Nursing Services

meragoHealth Nurses ensure patients' comfort, tend to injuries, administer medications, conduct medical examinations, record medical histories and monitor patients’ heart rate, blood pressure and other vital signs. They also draw blood for laboratory tests in addition to administering treatments for various ailments.

At our Clinic, some of the following nursing services available are:

  • Vitals recording: BP, Heart rate, Pulse Oximetry, Temperature Measurement, and BMI 

  • Blood Glucose measurement

  • Injections: IV, IM and Subcutaneous

  • Wound management: Suturing, Dressing, Debridement.

  • Ryle’s tube insertion

  • Urinary Catheterisation

  • Nebulisation

  • Intravenous access and fluids administration

  • Vaccinations

  • Lab services sample collections

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